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dazzlesque's Journal

Dazzlesque // An icon community.
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farewell, my shadow
you've reached the icon journal
of jess dazzley
all icons are usable as long as you credit
jess dabbles in many fandoms
but she is fairly consistant in iconning
anything tales of related, zombie loan, reborn!, and kaori yuki
wanna be an affiliate? just ask!
feel free to watch if you like what you see
link iconist link link banner code

rules ♪
• jess is very laid-back about her icons. if i see you have one without credit, i won't eat your face! but i'd like credit, so other people can find my icons and use them too. publicity!!
• commenting is not mandatory, comment if you feel like it! i love all comments, even if it's just "i really like icon three". it helps keep me motivated and iconning (which i haven't done in forever but w/e....)!
• my policy for fanart is as follows;

if it's on the internet, i'm using it!
• i'm not totally heartless. i'll credit where credit is due, of course.
• watch me if you like me! don't worry you're not creepy.
• enjoy!


UPDATE: THIS JOURNAL IS NOW BASICALLY FOR SHIT I FEEL LIKE DOING. Icons included! But other stuff as well. Like FSTs and MEMES and other random bullcrap!